Who am I?


Tuscan home


My name is Dana, and I am an Italophile. This is not a bad thing. I just simply love Italy and all things Italian.

So how did I become an Italophile? It’s hard to say exactly when the process was put in motion. I studied art and art history as an undergrad (along with psychology), and Italian Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture were my favorites in that area. As a doctoral student I am planning a multi-discipline study involving Italian art history and social psychology (not sure yet if or when it will be finished).

At some point I had commented to a friend that when I completed my studies I planned to give myself a trip to Italy. Within a few months this friend informed me she was organizing a trip to Italy and that I should come. Ok, fine. I decided to go.

And the obsession began! I was hooked. I like to research a little about the places I visit and things I’m considering, and I became more and more enthralled as I read about Italy. The quest to learn a few Italian terms has turned into a quest to learn the language fluently. The plan to learn a little about the places I would visit on that first trip became an obsession to learn all the Italian history I could (art history and otherwise). I read any book I could get my hands on by people who had lived in Italy or are still living in Italy. I pay attention when Italy is mentioned on news stations, and I actually listen for people speaking Italian anywhere I’m at. I have always loved Italian food, but now I wanted to know where in my area I could find authentic Italian food (nearly nowhere as it turns out).

There was no turning back after that first trip. I got off the plane feeling like I had come home, and cried twelve days later when I had to get on the plane for the trip back to the US.

That was 3 years ago, and I have returned twice since. This blog was started with the third trip to keep everyone who’s interested updated on my Italian adventures in the country, with the language, and with all things Italian.  Enjoy!

Ciao bella!

8 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Hi Dana–Thanks for your kind comments and for following my blog, which led me to yours. I dream of Italy, but haven’t (yet) had the good fortune to visit. I do, however, have my Beginning Italian grammar book ready for when the opportunity arrives. In the meantime, I do what I can to support the Italian economy through steady consumption of olive oils and red wine.

    • Dana says:

      Thank you for visiting! I have not been active for awhile on this one, but that will change shortly. I am still learning the language and the cooking, and lately I’ve had Italian guests to help with those things, worth writing about, I believe. 🙂

      Feel free to visit my small stone blog at http://www.danassmallstones.blogspot.com. Some are good, some are awful, but this is giving me the practice I need…


  2. julespaige says:

    Thank you for your visit to my wordpress daily observations blog. I have only been to Italy once, but my heritage is Italian! Second on one side, Third generation on the other! However I was not fortunate enough to learn the language – though I might some day 🙂 Nice to meet you. I am not on my home computer at the moment, but I will be back to catch some glimpses of Italy through your eyes!

    • Dana says:

      Thank you! Your comment comes at an interesting time. I have been trying to decide the fate of this blog. I have not been able to visit Italy since this last trip, but I was considering revamping with other kinds of Italy-based articles. Your comment encourages me to continue. Help comes from unique corners! 🙂

  3. Garry says:

    If I can I will see if I can get Gary in trouble while you are gone. Going to see if he wants to go down to Glade Top on the Qct 17 to look at the fall colors with Karen and me.
    Have fun but work hard, see you when you get back.

    • Dana says:

      Hi Garry,

      No, it is fall here (l`autunno) at the moment. We are still north of the equator so the seasons are similar to Missouri’s, though fall and winter are milder further south. It was reasonably warm yesterday, prefect in fact. People were swimming at a couple of the beaches we visited. Moreno says it is a warmer sea in this area.

      As to Gary? He knows how to get into trouble by himself! Have fun!


  4. Joe says:

    Allow me to be the first to leave a comment.


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